September 5, 2009

My Summer Labyrinth Quest

I am fascinated with labyrinths and their use in meditation and health. On my summer travels I explored a number of labyrinths in the Midwest that I found on the worldwide labyrinth locator. Each of these five labyrinths are unique but are similar in their ability to allow the user to stop, take a breath, observe and proceed. Please share photos of your favorite labyrinths by emailing them to me and I will post them here. Enjoy!

Ellsworth Labyrinth Garden, Ellsworth Michigan
11 circuit, Medieval/Santa Rosa labyrinth. Constructed in 2004 by members of the community of Ellsworth. It is located on the banks of Lake Ellsworth and surrounded by perennial gardens. mosaic stepping stones line the outer edges of the labyrinth made by community members representing their hopes and wishes. (

Sacred Sparks, East Jordan Michigan
Linda and Jerry Aydlott have lovingly constructed this classical labyrinth on the land behind their gallery and store in Northern Michigan. Labyrinth, goddess garden and rustic fairy walk at the back of their property are all open to visitors to explore. The labyrinth is a 7-circuit design, 50 feet in diameter and was constructed from field stones in 1998. (

Raven Hill Discovery Center, East Jordan Michigan
Constructed from field stones, this rustic classical labyrinth graces the front entrance to Raven Hill Discovery Center. It was constructed in 2004 and is 35 feet in diameter(

Nelson's Herbs, Edwardsburg Michigan
Imagine a labyrinth constructed of over 560 lavender plants...that is what I experienced at Nelson's Herbs. A fragrant meditative walk. Originally built in 2004, it is 60 feet in diameter in the medieval/Santa Rosa style. (

Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame Indiana
Located near the entrance to Saint Mary's College, this is a 7-circuit classical design constructed with black river rocks with circular pavers to line the path. Twin finger labyrinths are near the entrance allowing you to "walk the labyrinth" with your hands. (

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Sacred Sparks said...

Dear Pam, Thank you for including us in your Labyrinth Summer Post. Even though it is now 2010, and our Labyrinth lays quietly below several inches of snow, it will be ready by May of this year to welcome new path walkers. We welcome all good folks to wander our humble grounds. We feel blessed to live here and sharing seems only the right thing to do. Blessings to you Pam, and to all who read her very informative blog.
Linda and Jerry Aydlott, at Sacred Sparks in East Jordan, Michigan