September 11, 2015

9/11: The Paradox of Horror and Hope

For some it may be hard to recall a time when "9/11" wasn't the shorthand phrase meaning "catastrophe". Before that bright, sunny, September morning fourteen years ago,  September 11 was simply a date on the calendar. In the blink of an eye it changed from ordinary to extraordinary, similar to what a previous generation may have experienced in early December 1941 when Pearl Harbor became synonymous with "war". At the time of these events our nation galvanized, we found a sense of collective empathy in our shared experience. In spite of the horror and fear we also found a sense of connection and community.

Through tragedy we found resilience. This is the magic of the human spirit. As we remember the terrible events that unfolded on that September day fourteen years ago, let's also remember the incredible goodness and hope that emerged and transformed us:  strangers helping strangers, kindness given without expectation, sharing of resources, a sense of hope and community. How will you honor the date that transformed us -- with horror or hope? There is no denying the horror of 9/11 but can we also honor the hope that unfolded?  Will you join me in sharing some hope and goodness on September 11?

Here are 5 simple ways to share hope on September 11:
1. Feed someone's parking meter
2. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line
3. Hold the door for someone
4. Text a <3 a="" friend="" nbsp="" to="">
5. Smile at a stranger

What will you do to share hope today?

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