April 1, 2015

The Art of Mindfulness

The art of mindfulness -- noticing beauty made exquisite by its impermanence.  A special rite of spring in Boston is the return of the hanging nasturtiums to the courtyard of the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum. The nasturtiums are displayed just 10-14 days each year at the beginning of April. I visited the nasturtiums today and was awed by their vivid, simple majesty. Rapunsel-like plants letting down their tresses. Grateful for the moment of beauty and the promise of spring.


Gram said...

Do they raise them there?

Pam Ressler said...

The nasturtiums are raised in the
Isabella Stuart Gardner's greenhouse oh Hingham, MA and then VERY carefully transported to Boston and placed in the courtyard windows. I ventured up to the 3rd floor to see how the nasturtiums were potted..3 individual plants in terra cotta pots per window, all those tendrils from only 3 plants is quite amazing!

Suzie KM said...