January 14, 2014

Day 14 Mindful Moments Challenge

Popcorn...like snowflakes, each kernel a different shape and texture. Quite a difference when I notice the individual pieces rather than the full bowl...slowly eating popcorn is a practice in patience. What did you notice today?


Gram said...

Patience is the word. I must do that for the whole bowl the next time I make one.

Karen Watson said...

I noticed the full moon last night, beaming moonlight into the bedroom. The moonlight is magical, unlike any other light that I know. Looking out of the window and seeing the full moon up above, so far away, and yet beaming right into my bedroom…a beautiful and silent gift.

Pam Ressler said...

Thanks, Gram and Karen for your comments. Patient, purposeful, present -- all wonderful ways to experience mindfulness. Thanks for sharing your experience with the moonlight, Karen.