November 18, 2013

Haiku Rally #18 A Gift

November weather in New England can be a bit unpredictable, a lot like life in general.The art of mindfulness is noticing the gifts not only the storms.

A Gift
Sunshine, warm breezes
Today feels like summertime
A gift in late fall


Pam Ressler said...
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Pam Ressler said...

A wonderful haiku written by my sister, Wendy Katz Hiller; inspired by her highway drive home.

Wind turbines at night
Red lights pulse like fireflies
Asleep yet on guard

Kim Whitman said...

Biscuit making is a nice stress reliever because you get to work with your hands. Here's a nice southern biscuit-making haiku for you :)

white hands pat fat dough
sunbeams cut through floured air
southern biscuits rise

Pam Ressler said...

Love your haiku, Kim. I can almost smell the biscuits :-)
Thanks for posting...please contine to share!